From Blabbermouth:
"DAATH will enter the studio early next month to begin tracking its third full-length album for a fall release via Century Media Records. Drummer Kevin Talley (ex-CHIMAIRA, DYING FETUS) will begin laying down his tracks in Atlanta on June 7 with renowned producer Mark Lewis (ALL THAT REMAINS, TRIVIUM, DEVILDRIVER) and co-producer Eyal Levi (guitar) at the helm.

DAATH guitar titans, Eyal Levi and Emil Werstler, unleashed their all-instrumental collaboration, LEVI/WERSTLER "Avalanche of Worms", on Magna Carta Records last month to rave reviews. The duo teamed with legendary drummer Sean Reinert (CYNIC, ex-DEATH) on this album to deliver a commanding sonic statement.

Levi/Werstler commented on the response to "Avalanche of Worms" and the writing process for the new DAATH effort: "Here we are in the studio once again. It almost feels like we never left.

"Less than half a year ago we were putting the finishing touches on 'Avalanche of Worms'. Usually after you finish an album you take time away from creating in order to tour, but in this case we jumped right back into recording.

"Simultaneous to working night and day to bring this new DAATH record to life we've watched 'Avalanche of Worms' make its way into the world and take on a life of its own. The response has been amazing. It's great to see that in this day and age an instrumental album can still resonate deeply with people. We're really excited to see where Levi/Werstler will take us next. Nothing is set in stone, but ideas are being thrown around for an album in 2011. And before any of that, there's a DAATH album to finish.

"We're currently in the final stages of pre-production and begin recording with Mark Lewis on June 7th here in Atlanta. The release is planned for this fall.

"We'll spare you the clichés about the record, but will say that it's without a doubt the next level for us. If there's anything consistent about us as artists and musicians it's that we're always pushing ourselves to break new ground and grow the power of our collective statement. Expect nothing less."

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