A couple of years ago I came across a Finnish band called Am I Blood, the first thing that caught my attention was the fact that their singer (Janne) sounds like the Finnish bastard son of James Hetfield and not in a Matt Heafy kinda way.

Naturally I was like, Che'yeah! and (being the Scandinavian metal sucker that I am) went ahead and gave their CD "The Truth Behind The Dying Sun" (yes they even used a form of death in the title) a shot, and was hit by a load of Finnish'Tallica.

While Diablo's front man Rainar Nygard looks A LOT like The James Hetfield, Am I Blood take care of sound duties. My point is, isn't it about time we get a Metallica-core or a Hetfield-core? Or maybe James needs to check his family tree, or his lawyer? Either way, here's the song that caught my attention a few years back.

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