ARCHANGEL are a experimental gothic metal band from Venice, Italy. The band started out as a one man project, by front man Archangel, the band released it's first demo tape in 1994 titled "Daemon."

The demo helped
Archangel score a record deal with Italian label Lucretia Records, and in the summer of 1996, Archangel released it's debut album, titled "In Tears, The Angel Falls" in Europe and in Japan through Fandango Records.

In September 1996, ARCHANGEL recruited drummer Wewo and guitarist Blackie to the fold, and together they released the album "Incarnate In A New Rebel Idol" in 1999.

After dealing with a lot of line up problems, the band recruited Rage (Bass) and Shyn (Guitars) to the fold and together ARCHANGEL released La Vogue Noire in 2009.

ARCHANGEL are currently working on their latest studio album "The Story of My Immortal Life" at Subsound Studio with Victor Love of Dope Stars Inc. You can listen to a new song called "Underworld" from the album below:

You can visit ARCHANGEL on the following links:

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