Learn How To Riff Like Trivium

PlayThisRiff.com is currently featuring video lessons from Trivium's Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu, the lessons include some of Trivium's most popular songs such as:
  • Down From The Sky
  • Drowned And Torn Asunder
  • Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation
  • Like Light To Flys
  • Pillars Of Serpants
  • Down From The Sky
  • When All Light Dies
  • Finger Exercises
  • Right Hand Warm-Up
  • Scale Fragments
  • Sextuplet Exercises
  • Sextuplets In Minor Keys
  • Harmonic Minor Scale
  • Sweep Picking Exercises

A free video for "Sweep Picking Exercises" can be viewed below:

Free printable tabs for "Sweep Picking Exercises" can be found here

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