LORDI Complete New Album

Finnish Freaky Deaky Shock Rock band Lordi, are done mixing their as yet untitled 5th studio effort, which is set for a late 2010 release.

Front man Mr. Lordi comments on the album, confirming that there will be no covers, but left the possibility of maybe releasing one on a special edition down the line:
"It is safe to say that the material is kinda 'Get Heavy' [the band's 2002 debut] LORDI-like, with a strong '80s metal feel, more melodic, and a lot less sinister and 'serious' than on [2008's] 'Deadache'. One thing is for sure, there's not gonna be cover songs on the next one either. In my mind, [a] cover's place is not on an actual album; it could serve as a bonus for a special printing or something. Like with 'The House Without A Name' [LORDI's cover of the DINGO track], for example."

[Source: Metal From Finland]

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