Matt Heafy Says "If It Weren't For James Hetfield, I Literally Wouldn't Be Here" - Hetfield To Get A Paternity Test

Roadrunner Records recently conducted an interview with Trivium front man Matt Heafy, for the label's new "Gear Nerd" series, where they interview musicians on their roster and ask them about their influences, and the specific instruments they use, among many other things. In the interview, Matt cites James Hetfield as one of his main influences *I remember, The Crusade*, stating "it was Hetfield who really brought me into metal."

An excerpt follows:
Roadrunner: So who would you say has inspired you the most; who were you looking up to the most when you first started out

If it weren't for James Hetfield (METALLICA) I literally wouldn't be here. I mean, I know that there are a lot of other musicians, in that band as well, especially from the "Black Album" era, but it was Hetfield who really brought me into metal. To see their live shows and see what a commanding presence he was, and to see how good of a guitar player he is. So, he got me into everything, then I bridged out from there. Continue Reading [Part 1, Part 2]

In other Trivium news, the band posted the final "making of" webisode, where they documented the entire process of recording their latest song "Shattering The Skies Above" for PS3's God of War III soundtrack. All 3 parts are available after the jump!

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