METAL HAMMER Ask Matt Heafy About His Top Ten Essential Metal Albums

Metal Hammer UK recently asked a number of musicians about their "top ten essential metal albums" for their current issue (on sale now!) including HIM, Killswitch Engage, Cypress Hill and many more.

Hammer, also posted a web exclusive for Trivium's front man Matt Heafy's top ten list, which you can read an excerpt from below:
"8) Killswitch Engage’s Alive Or Just Breathing is probably the most influential CD since it came out. It influenced everything from nu-metal to hardcore to melodic death to pop punk to emo. It’s basically everyone’s favourite record at one time or another. If it hadn’t been for this record we definitely wouldn’t have sounded the way we do." Click here to read the entire post

is totally right, there is no denying the huge amount of ass kicking AOJB will ensue on your soul, once it's initiated. Seriously, Jesse Leach will eat your soul!

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