NERVECELL Live DVD Footage As Well As A Interview Conducted By SEPULTURA's Andreas Kisser

First up,

performed last summer at Germany's With Full Force Festival, alongside some of the biggest names in today's metal scene, such as Sepultura, Soulfly, Amon Amarth, Carcass, and Egyptian death metal band Scarab, among many other notable bands.

During the event the band were interviewed by Sepultura's guitarist Andreas Kisser, who ended up reminiscing with the band about the time Sepultura performed in Dubai back in 2005 at DDRF. [Taken from the official With Full Force Festival 09 DVD]

Second up, is a live performance clip for the song "Demolition" from the band's latest album "Preaching Venom," taken from the With Full Force Festival 09 DVD. Happy Headbanging.

NERVECELL will be heading to Turkey this weekend to perform the following shows:

  • 28.5.2010 - Istanbul @ Studio Live Club with DEICIDE + more - View poster
  • 29.5.2010 - Istanbul @ Dorock Club - View poster
  • 30.5.2010 - Ankara @ Nedjima Rock Bar - View poster

Newly confirmed "Meet & Greet" on 31.5.2010 in Istanbul @ Bakirköy Gatto Rock Cafe 8:00pm

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