A Thousand Reasons From Italy

A Thousand Reasons is a new band from Italy. Founded by ex-Scarecrown bassit Zimon and joined by fellow former Scarecrown guitarist Blackie. The band have already released 3 new songs on their myspace page "Strength and Fight," "Take My Revenge," and "Synthetic."

The band blends raw hardcore structures, with thrash riffing, guttural growls, and a industrial touch, to execute their vision for brutality.

After Zimon decided to leave Scarecrown for personal reasons, he began writing new material on his own, and later was joined by his former bandmate in Scarecrown, guitarist Blackie, as vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist and producer. A Thousand Reasons is currently writing material for their full length debut album.

You can stream the band's new 3 song EP titled "Strength and Fight" below:

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Make sure to visit A Thousand Reasons on Myspace for more information and updates

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