Trivium Posted A New Video For Slave New World (Sepultura Cover)

I thought, I posted this video a couple of days ago, and while I was watching it a few minutes ago, I realized that I never went through with posting it, so here it is, the latest video from Trivium.

The video is basically a live performance clip, with a lot of "on the road" footage, sliced and put together to fit into an fun video. The footage featured in the video was entirely shot by bassist Paolo Gregoletto's camera, and he also edited the whole thing on his laptop.
"I have tried to make it a habit to film everything and anything we do, even setting up a tripod on stage to capture shows. Half way into Sound Wave in Australia, we already had hours of footage on a hard drive and we had a few days off, so I figured I would put a little video together on iMovie. This was initially going to be just a quick update video, but after a few hours it started looking pretty good so I just went and made a video for the full song. This is about as DIY as a music video could be, all I had at my disposal was my Samsung Camera and my laptop. I asked some of the crew guys to pick up the camera whenever they wanted while we were playing and film anything that looked cool, whether it was us or the crowd. So much thanks to Ken Andrews (guitar tech) and Matt Kuney (tour manager) for the help getting all the great footage of the tour.

Most of the videos you will be seeing on Trivium World are actually by us, and I have now upgraded to a much better camera and Final Cut Express. There is already a few videos of the pre-production for new album in the works, and there will be many more to follow.

Thanks and Enjoy!"

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