Update On Philip Anselmo's Autobiography From Co-Author Corey Mitchell

[Press Release]

MetalSucks contributor Corey Mitchell, who recently announced he'd be helping PANTERA/DOWN frontman Philip Anselmo write his autobiography, revealed some details about the writing process in a recent review of a WARBEAST show in Dallas, at which Anslemo made a guest appearance.

An excerpt follows:

"Anselmo has also given me carte blanche to talk to anyone from his past to either fill in the blanks on some stories he may have forgotten, confirm what he remembers, and also to shoot down any stories he may not have a complete grasp on. He also told his buddies from the early days of Pantera to be brutally honest with me, because he wants nothing but the truth to go out to the readers – the good, the bad, and the downright fuckin’ ugly."

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