THE AUTUMN OFFERING: New Album August 31st

[Press Release]

The Autumn Offering have just announced plans to release their new self-titled album on August 31st through Victory Records.

Vocalist Matt McChesney had the following to say:

"I always thought we were unfairly lumped in with the 'metalcore' bands. I always thought we did much more musically and were a bit more sophisticated than your typical good-cop/bad-cop band. It takes balls to admit this, but yeah, we wrote a few songs that were mistakes.

We made a push, half heartedly, for the mainstream. Yet I feel like a few bad choices don't taint two albums that I love dearly. There were a million reasons to make a record like this. Also, sensing the death of that genre of metal, it made no sense to make a record that resembled it. I think we came out of it all, integrity intact."

"The Autumn Offering" track listing:
  1. Synapse
  2. Born Dead
  3. Exhale The Locusts
  4. Fed To The Lions
  5. Hessian Blade
  6. Death Mask
  7. Viral
  8. Among Wolves
  9. Bloodlust
  10. Myriad Black
  11. A Return To Ashes

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