BareBones Music Interviews SILENT CIVILIAN

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"Jonny talks Ghost Stories, touring, stabilizing the lineup over the past 2 years and how Silent Civilian is becoming more and more a priority." caught up with Jonny Santos of the band SILENT CIVILIAN prior to a show on a stop on the "Fear Campaign Tour 2010" in support of FEAR FACTORY.

Jonny spoke with Evil G. on several topics ranging from his departure/hiatus from his original band SPINESHANK. Why he and the band needed a break and wanting to create something new the result of which was SILENT CIVILIAN. He talks about their new record, Ghost Stories, just released on May 18, 2010, where it reached #21 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. How he wanted it to be a brutal new record with the classic staples of heavy metal, blast beats, grooving riffs and the vocal growls complimented by soaring melodic vocals.

Jonny also talks about his upcoming hectic tour schedule with both SILENT CIVILIAN, a possible short stint with SPINESHANK and then right back on the road with SILENT CIVILIAN. He also discusses his passion for music and the feeling of being blessed to be able to be in not just one but two bands who have and continue to taste success but never discounting the handwork and hardships that go with touring, whether it be a bus or a van and not riding the coattails of SPINESHANK. SILENT CIVILIAN had to live and survive on it's own two feet. Ghost Stories certainly seems to be the album that can set them apart.

Plus quality live performance footage!

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