BILOCATE's Rami Haikal Signs An Endorsement Deal With MAYONES Guitars & Bass

[Press Release]

BILOCATE guitarist Rami Haikal has inked an endorsement deal with the world's famous hand-made custom guitars and bass manufacturer MAYONES as his exclusive endorsement to join MAYONES artists heavy-weighted family like BLOODBATH, KATATONIA, PARADISE LOST, MY DYING BRIDE, DARK TRANQUILLTY, TIAMAT, SCORPIONS and many others.

Rami commented:

"PERFECT, this is the word which really describes Mayones Guitars! I have tried many guitars in the past, many were great but I have never found the sound & the quality which I have been looking for, not until I have played on my Mayones AXE.

I have chosen my Regius Pro AXE to have a Mahogany body topped with a Transparent Graphite Flamed Maple, equipped with the EMG81 & EMG85 pick-ups, the results were amazing, a warm yet aggressive sound which satisfies every need for a brutal yet warm sound.

As for the finishing, it was more than perfect, specially the inlays work, my Guitar features my family name written using Arabic Calligraphy, done in such fine details which shocked me the moment I saw the guitar.

I would like to take this chance to thank the Mayones team, who were really great to deal with and I recommend MAYONES to every serious musician who really enjoys a fine & a perfect instrument."

The deal will include other members Baha Farah and Hani Al Abadi from BILOCATE. More details will be announced soon.

BILOCATE is currently recording their 4th release scheduled to be out by September/October 2010.

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