CHIMAIRA Post Trailer For Upcoming DVD - COMING ALIVE

Chimaira will be releasing a new DVD on July 20th through Ferret Music and Nuclear Blast Records titled "Coming Alive."

The DVD will follow Chimaira's formula of covering all aspects of the band's life on the road, recording their latest album "The Infection" and everything in the middle for their latest release.

Disc one features a 2 & a half hour documentary on the making of, & touring of their album The Infection, & will also include footage from festivals. Disc two will feature The entire Chimaira "Christmas 10 show," and also a documentary on the show plus many other features. Disc three features a cd of the full-length live audio from the 2009 edition of their annual "Chimaira Christmas show."

Full track listing for the live DVD is as follows:
  • The Venom Inside
  • Resurrection
  • Power Trip
  • Empire
  • The Disappearing Sun
  • Severed
  • Destroy and Dominate
  • Six
  • The Dehumanizing Process
  • Dead Inside
  • Painting The White To Grey
  • Nothing Remains
  • Salvation
  • Secrets Of The Dead
  • The Flame
  • Pure Hatred
  • Implements of Destruction (included on DVD only)

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