HELLYEAH's New Video For "Hell Of A Good Time" Makes Me Sad

I used to like Mudvayne, and I used to think Chad Gray was a good front man, that was back in the days of Dig, but Mudvayne did not only manage to completely destroy their credibility as a gimmick band over the years, they ultimately managed to be a part of the down slope of Nu Metal.

Then, Chad Gray decided to join HELLYEAH, which so far did not manage to grab my attention by anything they released, but only by the fact that it's members include, Pantera's Vinnie Paul, Nothingface's Tom Maxwell and Mudvayne's Greg Tribbet, and ...Chad Grey.

The band have a new record coming out called "Stampede" on July 13th through E1 Music, which they released their second new music video (first being for Cowboy Way) for the song "Hell Of A Time" that sounds like something that was first pitched to Kid Rock, and even HE! passed up.

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