ION DISSONANCE To Release New Album "Cursed" On August 24th

[Press Release]

Montreal extreme metal purists, ION DISSONANCE, recently completed the recording process for their much anticipated new effort, Cursed, which is set for an August 24th North American release. The offering was tracked at .357 Productions with Ion guitar player, Antoine Lussier at the production helm.

Kevin (vocals) further states: “Since Cursed is now recorded, mixed and mastered we want to take a moment to clarify a few points. We have been getting asked a lot of questions and we want to make sure that we are all on the same level and answer these questions once and for all.

“The official release date in the U.S and Canada is scheduled for August 24th. A few release dates have been getting thrown around and we wanted to put the questions to rest. Also, our new friends at Basick Records will be releasing Cursed in Europe. The record will be out there on August 23rd and finally, Doom Patrol in Japan will be releasing the record there on August 24th as well. Both the European and the Japanese versions will have their own exclusive tracks, but more info on that later.

“To fill you in on this situation, we were originally planning on an earlier release date but unfortunately we encountered a few obstacles along the way, mainly mastering the disc. This made an earlier release date impossible. Another perfect example is the artwork. We wanted to work with Paul Romano but he is obviously very busy and we felt that waiting for his services was a better option than looking elsewhere. We love Paul’s work and are insistent on having him follow up his work on Minus The Herd. So now that we have the artwork in hand we can definitely say that the wait was worth it.

“All this to say that when ION DISSONANCE decided to get together over a year ago to come out with our best work to date, we wanted to take every little detail into consideration to make sure this record was everything we ever wanted an ION DISSONANCE record to be. With that being said, we’ll move on to another situation which needs to be addressed.

After three long years of winging it as a four piece, we are now back to five members. Yannick Desgroseillers (formerly from Tears From The Sky) has now joined the ranks and will be playing bass, a role Sebastien has been filling in on since Xavier left the band. This switch will allow us to play some new songs on our upcoming shows, which to us is an unbelievable excitement. We can’t wait to get out on the road this summer and see some familiar faces. It's been too long.”

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