MORTAL KOMBAT - REBIRTH (Official 7 Minute Short)

I haven't done an "Off Topic" post, in a very long time. But this 7 minute short for a new Mortal Kombat movie, got me pumped. (Plus Mortal Kombat is fuckin metal!)

This is not some Youtube mash up, this 7 minute short is legit, it was created by director Kevin Tancharoen as a proof of concept (as in proving it'll make money) to Warner Brothers and to also get an approval on having the movie being R rated (Seriously it needs to be rated R, the teaser fucking owns!!). If this concept goes through, this will be the GREATEST! Mortal Kombat movie ever, the teaser on it's own has got some brutal shit (warning not for the easily offended)

Reptile, likes to eat the heads of his victims, and they show em nom noming on one he kept in the fridge, no joke!

Another reason this movie is going to kick brutal ass, is because the story circles around Scorpion and Sub Zero, nuff said.

So please share this, so we can get our selves a new Mortal Kombat movie. That will surely sweep all others off the planet. If you think it'll be cheesy, go back and watch the old ones and compare, and don't tell me this barely has any elements of the game, stfu if you do.


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