Ozzy Performs "Let Me Hear You Scream" On Jimmy Kimmel Live + Interview

Ozzy went on Tuesday night's edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live, to perform his new single "Let Me Hear You Scream," from his upcoming album "Scream" out June 22nd on Epic Records.

The Ozz-man, also sat down with Jimmy Kimmel for an interview, as well as performed the classic, "Shot In The Dark."

Man, is Ozzy getting old, apart from standing, and occasionally clapping, a lot of his recent material even indicates it (I Dont Wanna Stop, Never Going Away, and now Let Me Hear You Scream)... next one I'm guessing it'll be something along the lines of, "Help Me Off This Chair" or "Until I Poop My Pants, I Don't Want To Wear Those Old Man Underpants."

Nonetheless, it's Ozzy, plus Gus. G is totally killing it live ...so you know, enjoy.

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