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New York technical death metallers PYRRHON have just inked a deal in blood with The Path Less Traveled Records, who have signed on to release their debut EP, Fever Kingdoms. The label also plan to release this facemelting quartet's debut LP in 2011.

PYRRHON formed in 2008, and have been laying waste to the New York area with their brutally unique, masterfully executed take on death metal, sharing stages with the likes of Misery Index, Evoken, Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, The Communion, Liturgy, and dozens more.

To call them "technical death metal" is a bit of a misnomer; sure, their songwriting chops are unfuckwithable and their riffs will make your head spin, but unlike so many other widdly-widdly bands out there, PYRRHON are more interested in writing memorable, wickedly heavy songs than in guitar wankery. Think Immolation, Origin, and Death, and you're halfway there!

The label commented, "Their debut 5 song EP Fever Kingdoms was mastered by Colin Marston (Dysrhythmia, Gorguts, Krallice, Behold...The Arctopus) and given away for free in digital format. After hearing it, TPLTR felt the EP deserved a ‘proper’ release to gain a wider audience for the band. We will be giving Fever Kingdoms an official release later this year and will release a full-length sometime in 2011. Please join us in welcoming another band to our ever-growing family!"

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