Thy Beard Be Done? Thy Will Be Done Partners Up With Metal Insider For The "Guess What's In J'S Beard" Giveaway

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THY WILL BE DONE are getting ready to wrap up their run on the "Fear Campaign" tour with Fear Factory and Silent Civilian, tomorrow night in Millvale, PA at Mr. Smalls. The tour will definitely be one to remember, with singer J.'s Metal Sucks Blog, the Metal Injection video blog and now quite possibly the hairiest contest ever.

Singer J. Costa is known for many things aside from just his singing, his impeccable Christopher Walken impression, being a vegetarian, but most importantly his amazing beard. While brainstorming an idea for a contest, J. and the folks at Metal Insider decided that the contest had to revolve around the infamous BEARD. That being said it was decided upon to see how many matches and other miscellaneous items J. could shove in his beard. The results were astounding to say the least.

J. had the following to say about the bearded contest:
"When it came time to run a contest, it only made sense to have one centered around a beard, so why not mine? People are always assuming there are birds, food, and other various articles of debris within the massive tomb that is my beard. I always insert random objects into it, so I figured it might be interesting to see how many wooden matches I could get in there! So I did, and ran out of what was on hand!"

Click here to enter your guess at how many matches are in J.'s beard and you could be the lucky winner of a THY WILL BE DONE prize pack consisting of a CD, T-Shirt, and something signed by the band. And as an added bonus if you guess the number of matches exactly, you will be the proud owner of a lock of one of the finest beards in metal today.

Met with critical acclaim, THY WILL BE DONE's releases have garnered such accolades as "one of the more honest and complete debut releases of the year" and "38 minutes of resistance to current metal trends" by Metal Edge Magazine, and have been dubbed "Metal's Next Heavyweight Champion" by Outburn Magazine.

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