BareBones Music: Interview With Murderdolls

[Press Release]
It's been sometime since we last saw or even heard anything from the scariest yet dirtiest rock band around, the Murderdolls. Having only released a single album "Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls", (2002) over the miniature course of their musical career all was lost after their hiatus had struck a course and everything we had once known would be terminally lost....

After this being a reliable source there was no word whatsoever of the Murderdolls return rumors had been buzzing of course but nothing was surly for certain until finally original members Wednesday 13 along with Joey Jordison got back together and talked everything over on what they intentionally wanted to do with this project and that was to bring it back from the dead! So after a course or so of a good amount of years that just flew right on by the resurrection of the once horror stricken rockstars was revived yet again except this time with a full rock force, with guitarist Roman Surman (Gunfire 76, Bourbon Crow), Racci Shay Hart (Wednesday 13, Dope, Genitorturers) on drums and Jack Tankersley (Bullets and Octane) on bass.

So having reunited and gathered everything in its rightful place the Murderdolls are back and ready to punch your face in with the release of their sophomore release “Women and Children Last” as well as a full blown set of tours that will make your skin crawl and your body bleed.

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