Epitaph Recording Artists I AM GHOST Call It Quits

[Press Release]Founded and fronted by Steven Juliano since the journey began in 2004 heavy metal rock n' rollers I AM GHOST brought the power and energy that was embedded within their hearts and souls of wanting to play and write music. By doing this the band went on to get signed by Epitaph Records and went on to releasing an EP "We Are Always Searching”, (2005) and later released two full-length albums "Lovers' Requiem", (2006) and "Those We Leave Behind" (2008). A year after their second full-length release the band had performed a special live showcase in which they would recorded their first ever live album entitled "LIVE In Orange County" (2009).

In between all of these release were of course the videos, "Civil War and Isolation Thirst", (2005) "Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps", (2006) and "Saddest Story Never Told" (2009).

With the success of all of these various releases and countless touring all over the world, there was nothing that stood between
I AM GHOST's ways and abilities with music. Except one thing... maturity according to Juliano whose recent posting announced the band's break-up.

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