That's right bitches!

Prog juggernauts The Human Abstract are currently in the studio working on their follow up to 2008's "Midheaven" which is slated for a late 2010 release.

An official press release about the recording can be read below:

The Human Abstract are prepared to enter the studio with William Putney (Lamb of God, Suicide Silence) of The Machine Shop in NJ (later this month/July) to begin work on their upcoming full length album for Hopeless Records. The band has been tucked away in downtown Los Angeles writing and preparing for their upcoming release. The album is currently slated for a fall release date, stay tuned for more details.

"These new songs are among the most difficult THA songs to play, but at the same time are more satisfying. Past songs sometimes felt more like exercises, these feel more well rounded with moments that are really fun to play," voices guitarist Dean Herrera.

The Human Abstract recently announced a line-up change, with the addition of frontman and vocalist, Travis Richter formerly of From First to Last and The Color of Violence. The band also welcomed back original guitarist/songwriter A.J. Minette, leading the helm on writing duties for the new record.

"Without a doubt, this album has allowed me to step up not only as a bass player but as a Musician. We're stronger than ever before. I am super pumped for all our fans old and new to hear it," bassist Henry Selva adds.

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