METALITY - The Compilation: Celebrating a 1000 Posts of Metal Filled METALITY! (Available Now!) is proud to announce the release of the blog's first digital album "METALITY - The Compilation."

The digital release is a free giveaway, celebrating the blog's 1000th post. The album includes bands from all around the world, and also features the release of an exclusive video by Dutch progressive metal band CiLiCe for the song "Mental Breakdown" that will leave your head buzzing in awe.

The album is available for streaming below and is also available through online record label, where you can download the songs individually or download all tracks in 2 parts.

The compilation includes bands that have been featured before on the blog, which are personal favorites, as well as new comers that are already favorites as well (pointing at Neosis).

METALITY - The Compilation includes the following track list: (Cover art, and flyers are designed by NEW BREED STUDIO)

  1. THE EMPIRE SHALL FALL - Lords of War [U.S.] (Sponsored by BareBones Music)
  2. FOMENTO - [Italy] The Die Is Cast
  3. NEOSIS - [Switzerland] Unwilling Fate
  4. NERVECELL - [U.A.E.] Vicious Circle Of Bloodshed
  5. NORTHER - [Finland] Break Myself Away
  6. DEMONIC RESURRECTION - The Unrelenting Surge Of Vengeance [India] Winners of "The Global Metal Award" at METAL HAMMER's Golden Gods Award (Sponsored by Vengeance Music) (Visit Candlelight Records and Demonstealer Records on Facebook)
  7. DAYLIGHT DIES - A Portrait In White [U.S.] (Visit Candlelight Records on Facebook)
  8. SCARAB - War To End [Egypt]
  9. CILICE - Mental Breakdown [Netherlands]
  10. EMPYREON - Beyond Perception [U.S.]
  11. MANTRIC - Symptoms [Norway]
  12. BREEZE Of The Dying - FOA Act II [K.S.A.]
  13. DREAMSHADE - Our Buried Secrets [Switzerland]
  14. CHROMIUM - All I Have [South Africa] (Sponsored by: LT MAG and Turning Tricks Entertainment)
  15. BENEVOLENT - Haunting Shores [Kuwait] (Sponsored by: Rockability)
  16. A THOUSAND REASONS - Strength and Fight [Italy]
  17. WARTHANE - Lord Oblivion [South Africa] (Sponsored by: LT MAG)
  18. VOICE OF THE SOUL - Farewell To Hope [Kuwait] (Sponsored by: Rockability)
  19. COAT OF ARMS - Ballad of the Mariner [U.A.E.]
  20. PAURA - Scars Of Life [Brazil]
  21. BILOCATE - Inoculate [Jordan] (Sponsored by: JorZine)
  22. CRESCENT - Jerusalem [Egypt]
  23. POSTMORTEM - Whispers Of Ages [Lebanon] (Sponsored by: LebMetal)
  24. A SHOT OF ADRENALINE - The Human Plague [U.A.E.]
  25. DEPTH - Memento Mori [Kuwait] (Sponsored by: Rockability)

There is also 3 bonus tracks available on the "download" version of the album, including:

  1. KILL THE ROMANCE - Trespasser
  2. THE CROW MURDER - Doubt 
  3. BLACKWELL - Deliverance

Copy the link below, to embedded the player onto your Facebook page:

A personal side note:

I really hope you guys enjoy the album and the diverse line up of bands it has to offer. All the bands on the release deserve your full support.

This project has taken about 4 month to finish, initially it was planned out as a 2 month project, but there was a good amount of surprises that kept pushing the release date, which also meant that work on the blog had to be slowed down to make ends meet, but ultimately I'm really proud of the outcome and the support it has received during the making, and really hope everyone will keep supporting the album after they listen in.

It's a free giveaway, all we want in return is for you guys to support these talented bands, visit their sites, check out more of their music, and if you think they kick ass, buy yourself a CD or a t-shirt, tell you're friends about them, post their links to you're Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or other social networking accounts, and make sure to visit Metality because that's where you'll find all their latest updates along with our coverage of all that is Metal from around the world.


All our promotional partners for their support and for contributing to their respective scenes in the utmost professional matter.

BareBones Music Network
LT Mag
Turning Tricks Management
Vengeance Music
Turning Tricks Entertainment

Spirit Crusher who is officially a part of the Metality Crew, for all his help and support during this project, and for the great writing over the past couple of months. You will certainly be seeing a lot more material from him (and his band).

New Breed Studio for designing the cover art, and flyers for the album. The guys have been more then friendly to work with over the course of this project, and made sure that we get the most satisfying results.

Thank you all for taking the time to visit the blog, and for supporting the album, keep an eye out for the next METALITY release.

iRoar Head [Admin/Founder]

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