METALSUCKS Interviews Warrel Dance - Reveals SANCTUARY Are Writing A New Album

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MetalSucks writer Anso DF recently spoke with NEVERMORE vocalist Warrel Dane about the band's new record "The Obsidian Conspiracy," Dane's 2008 solo record "Praises to the War Machine," and the recently re-activated SANCTUARY. Dane revealed that SANCTUARY are presently in the process of writing new material... as in, right this second. An excerpt:

MetalSucks: I am fuckin’ psyched about this long-overdue Sanctuary reunion!

Warrel Dane: [laughs] Yeah, wait ‘til you hear some of the new stuff! I’ve got a song that I’ve been working on the last few days. It’s pretty frickin’ cool.

You’re not joking right now? You’re already working on music?

No, I’m not joking at all! It sounds like Into The Mirror Black stuff, which obviously is the evolution of our sound. We’re going to really start rehearsing again and just [pauses] deal with it. It feels right for some reason. I know I said years ago that I wouldn’t do this. That was probably because most of us weren’t really friends. We didn’t talk to each other.

No shit!

No, the ending of that band was weird. It got kind of ugly at the end. Eventually, we grew up a little and started talking to each other again. Now, we’re in a place where we’re good friends again. Which is cool cuz we’re all different people now.

I had always thought that Len [Rutledge, Sanctuary guitarist] … He tried a couple bands after Sanctuary broke up, but then he kind of quit doing music. One day, it occurred to me that he’s too talented to not be doing something. I thought, maybe we should work on something together and see what happens. It happened very slowly. It’s a good feeling.

Hey, those Sanctuary albums were magic. You guys were on track to eventually contribute an undisputed classic album to the genre. Everybody knows that. But working with Dave Mustaine on the band’s first record must’ve been weird. How old were you even?

Oh my god. I was a kid. You know what, I have to tell you: I am going to go back and take more voice lessons before I even think about recording another Sanctuary record. I have to! I haven’t been using that aspect of my voice for years because in Nevermore, I don’t think it’s really appropriate. When you’re singing that way, you have to be consistent. And since you’re never too old to learn anything, why not go back and take lessons?

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