RAUNCHY Reveal Album Cover For "A Discord Electric"

[Press Release]
RAUNCHY have revealed the album cover for their highly anticipated new album A DISCORD ELECTRIC, which will be released through Lifeforce Records on September 20th in Denmark, October 8th in Germany/ Austria/ Switzerland, October 11th rest of Europe, and on October 12th in the US.

Read the full press release after the jump:

With uncompromising old-school thrash rhythms and potent electro-sounds, combining the hymns of modernity and tradition, A DISCORD ELECTRIC is the perfect metal anthem to the young and hopeless raging in a metropolis or in a redneck town all over the world.

Produced once again by long time friend Jacob Hansen, A DISCORD ELECTRIC, delivers the following 12 songs of pure ecstasy and genre-defining heavy metal music: “Dim the Lights and Run”, “Rumors of Worship”, “Blueprints For Lost Sounds”, “NGHT PRTY”, “Street Emperor”, “Shake Your Grave”, “Tiger Crown”, “Big Truth”, “The Great Depression”, “The Yeah Thing”, “Ire Vampire”, “Gunslingers and Tombstones”.

A short comment from the band:
“This is by far the most experimental, the most challenging, and the most interesting album we have come up with since the beginning of the band. My personal take on this endeavor is quite simple actually: This album will be on the hot list when it comes out! Every member of the band has had the freedom to take things to the limits, above and beyond, and believe me, boundaries are transparent this time around, we’re going totally apeshit, and you’re definitely in for some big surprises with some cool guest performances by our friends in DUNÉ on the song “Big Truth” among other exciting things”, says vocalist Kasper Thomsen.

  • July 29 @ DK's Grimmeste Festival (DK)
  • Sep 03 @ GIMLE, Roskilde (DK)
  • Sep 04 @ FERMATEN, Herning (DK)
  • Sep 10 @ TRAIN, Aarhus (DK)
  • Sep 11 @ PUMPEHUSET, Cph (DK)
  • Sep 17 @ MUSIKHUSET, Slagelse (DK)
  • Sep 18 @ POSTEN, Odense (DK)
  • Sep 23 @ TOBAKKEN, Esbjerg (DK)
  • Sep 24 @ STUDENTERHUSET, Aalborg (DK)
  • Sep 25 @ GODSET, Kolding (DK)

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