SERJ TANKIAN: Working on New Book, Jazz Record, Museum Gallery

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In a recent interview with MetalSucks about his new record "Imperfect Harmonies," SYSTEM OF A DOWN frontman SERJ TANKIAN revealed information about some of the other projects he's working on:

TANKIAN: I’m putting out a 2nd poetry book, a follow-up to Cool Gardens which I put out 8 years ago. It’s a collaboration between myself and a good friend of mine Roger Kupelian. Roger is the top digital painter who did a lot of stuff at Weta (Peter Jackson’s company in New Zealand) for all 3 Lord of the Rings as well as a number of great Hollywood films. He’s a phenomenal artist. So it’s going to be a beautiful, visual coffee table poetry book that we’re going to put out this year.

So that’s being finished, and [there are] just a bunch of [other] projects. I got the musical opening in March of next year at the American Repertory Theater – Prometheus Bound with Steven Sater and Diane Paulus. I got my first symphony that I’m finishing up. I’ve done 3 out of 4 acts. I’ve got a museum project in mind and a nonfiction book idea and a bunch of other musical ideas in mind as far as records down the line. I think my next one might be an instrumental jazz record or a broken down kind of acoustic, me and a guitar kind of record. [Laughs]

METALSUCKS: That sounds fun. That must be amazing to be at that point in your career where you can just take artistic leaps like that – you can afford to really branch out.

Well it’s kind of like the industry has gone in such a weird direction anyway that you can’t really plan for what you knew to be the industry, so you got to do whatever you want to do as an artist, enjoy it, bring in the inspiration, present it and explore. I got into music because this is what I love to do. I had a software company. I was making money doing other things. I didn’t need to . . . it’s such a privilege making a living out of doing music. I’m not going to sacrifice repeating myself for anything basically. I’m going to do whatever I want. It’s like someone gave me the blessing to be able to play with this for the rest of my life, and I’m going to do it.

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