About The New SOILWORK Video...

I've been listening to the new SOILWORK album, "The Panic Broadcast" (out now via Nuclear Blast Records) a lot lately, and totally falling for Peter Wichers' Bluegrass influenced riffing. You can totally hear the genre's influence on the veteran guitarist and producer on songs like "The Thrill."

The band released a new video for the song "Deliverance Is Mine," which is the band's 2nd animated video, and is a squeal to the first one for Light The Torch from their 2003 album "Figure Number Five."

I was hoping for at least a few cut scenes in the video showing the band performing together, specially with a new line up and the returning Peter Wichers, I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one curious as to how the band is shaping up lately. But I guess they want to keep it mysterious till you get your ass to one of their shows.

In other Soilwork related news, Peter Wichers will be producing the next Darkest Hour album! If you haven't heard Darkest Hour yet, then you need to check out their latest studio effort "The Eternal Return" to get an idea of how awesome this collaboration is going to be.

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