The Autumn Offering Post New Video For "Born Dead"

My first encounter with The Autumn Offering was their 2007 album "Fear Will Cast No Shadow" which made me check out their previous release, 2006's "Embrace The Gutter," which to this day, I enjoy the most for the band, for it's raw, brutal, yet melodic energy.

It's not like the band focuses on delivering a different formula, but they have certainly drifted from their core sound at a decent pace. The band is about to release their 5th studio album on August 31st via Victory Records, for which the band released a new video for the song "Born Dead."

Labeled as the band's heaviest work to date, the self titled new album is certainly a darker release by these Metalcore vets. But are they crossing the border on being too Hot Topic Metal?

The video features horror movie star Deneen Melody, who portrays the victim in a bloody flick perfectly. With the cliche story of pretty girl in a mental institute being chased down by insane doctors, that want to poke their needle in her ... 0_0

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