Blind Guardian Continue To Devour All Senses Using Epically Powerful Big Choruses!

German power metal legends, Blind Guardian released their 9th studio album, At The Edge of Time on July 30th via Nuclear Blast Records.

The band posted a new video for the song "A Voice in The Dark" which premiered online a few days ago (and can be streamed below). The first time I heard the song was through the sampler the band offered on their website a good month ago, and I was floored by the big chorus.

For the past couple of days, I've been slaying dragons and saving random victims, as I listen to the epically huge chorus on A Voice in The Dark. Even though front man Hansi Kürsch's new haircut, makes him look like a teacher in my high school or a grumpy accountant, that doesn't take away from the epicness consumed through out the song and specially the big ass chorus.

Blind Guardian have always been an epic power metal band by all means, and it's totally awesome that they have a lot more to give. From what I've heard so far from "At The Edge of Time" it all sounds like powerful vintage Guardian material.

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