BLINDED COLONY Finally Resolve Line Up Issues: Band Currently Working On New Material

Swedish modern melodic death metal ass kickers Blinded Colony have finally resolved their front man issues by recruiting not 1 but 2 new vocalists to replace their previous front man Johan Schuster, who decided to step down from his duties as the band's singer a couple of years ago to focus on production duties and song writing (a little interesting side note: Johan co-wrote Pink's single "So What," AND also co-wrote Britney Spear's "If U Seek Amy" under his moniker "Shellback" ...surprised? I sure as hell was).

While, Johan is a veteran vocalist capable of alternating between guttural growls and big choruses, the band's 2 new vocalists Linus Arelund Månsson (growls) and Joel Andersson (clean singing) are already sounding great! in the mix. The band has yet to release some proper information about the 2 new members, but from research, it turns out that Joel is also in a punk band called ATTA.

Even though Scar Symmetry have really turned me off towards the idea of having 2 vocalists, probably due to their frontmen lacking energy that will grab hold of the listener, and instead consume a lot of cheesy faces.

Plus, the idea that this is the EXACT same scenario going on as to Scar Symmetry's, makes it feel like an extreme hit or miss situation, the only difference here is that the band is not on bad terms with their previous front man, at least Johan, I don't think things ended well with Danny Axelsson who filled in for the band on a few tour dates but was let go of shortly after for "professional differences." Linus and Joel on the other hand appear to be full of energy and ready to take B.C. to the next level.

Blinded Colony's new material is already sounding killer! and if it's anything like their 2007 epic modern metal ass kicker "Bedtime Prayers," then the band will easily be the counter factor/cure to the plague that reigns over double fronted bands in Sweden.

You can check out studio footage below for both Linus and Joel as the band is currently recording their 3rd full length album.

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