FIREWIND Post 52 Seconds Of Pure Awesome Gus G. Riffage!

Greek power metal juggernauts FIREWIND will be releasing their 6th studio album "Days Of Defiance" on October 23rd via Century Media Records.

The band posted a 52 second teaser for their upcoming single for the song "World On Fire" that oozes with Gus G.'s killer riffing, and only makes me wonder what the hell would he be capable of bringing to the table for an Ozzy record. I don't know if Ozzy will be doing another record after this one (Scream), or will he just quit touring, and continue releasing studio albums, with the Ozz-man nothing is ever sure. Plus, while scientists are trying to find out how Ozzy managed to live to see 60, after all the drug abuse he's been through, we can focus on the upcoming Firewind album.

"Days Of Defiance" will be released internationally on October 25th and October 26th in the U.S.

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