All Shall Perish discuss interesting Malevolent Creation story on Metal Injection

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When All Shall Perish agreed to sit down with Metal Injection during the New York stop of the Summer Slaughter tour we knew we'd have a fun interview, but we never thought we'd get a story out of it as awesome as this. Guitarist Ben Orum told a story of meeting Malevolent Creation frontman Brett Hoffman the previous night:
I was a big Malevolent Creation fan growing up in the 90s. I got up to him, really sincenere, going "It's really nice to meet you guys" and he goes [deep voice] 'Do you have any fucking cocaine?'. I go no and then he puts his middle finger in my face and goes 'Then, fuck you!'

But that wasn't even the best part of it. When Orum started gushing about how he was a big fan of Hoffman, the Malevolent Creation frontman sounded off on All Shall Perish and bands like them:
I started elaborating. I know you're band…I'm a fan of your band. He goes 'Fuck your band. Fuck all these new bands. You fucking nigger bands!' and I couldn't believe it. I had to walk away.

What a swell guy! You can watch the full interview to hear the band talk about meeting Danzig, their new members and potential new music from the band. Also, hit up our Summer Slaughter channel for live footage of the band from this year as well as all the other bands on the tour.

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