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MetalSucks' Axl Rosenberg and Vince Neilstein caught up with DECAPITATED guitarist Vogg at the NYC stop of Summer Slaughter. Vogg shared his thoughts on the new lineup, the reception fans have been giving them, and where the band stands in terms of releasing a new album. An excerpt follows:

Have you started writing the new album at all?

I’m starting to write some riffs. I have some ideas. After this tour, I will start to write new material for real, for serious. There are too many shows and we don’t have much time to write any new songs. I think in January we go to the studio and have four months of preproduction for the new material. I have a lot of ideas right now, I just have to take all these ideas together and [turn them into] a new record. It should be ready next year for sure. The new record should be ready in 2011.

You’re a band that’s evolved its sound as time has gone on…

I know that this band will always change. Every album we did was different than the one we did before. We are always looking for something new or something else. We don’t want to be a band that wants to play the same all the time. We don’t have to. For real artists [laughs], it should be like you’re looking for something fresh all the time – to not be boring and not stay in the same place all the time. I expect more changes for the new album and the recording.

That’s what we were going to ask you.

Yeah, yeah. There will be more differences – no just fucking fast, blast double kick riffs. There will be something more. You’ll see.

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