WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH Posts New Track For Download

[Press Release]
Germany’s up-and-coming technical metal outfit, War From A Harlots Mouth, has posted a free download of the brand new track, “Recluse MMX”, taken from their forthcoming Lifeforce Records full-length, MMX. The new song can be downloaded at:

MMX is War From A Harlots Mouth’s third full-length studio album, and their third release on Lifeforce Records. While the band has impressively proven their sustainable relevance and snappy creativity over the past five years by combining tech metal, grindcore, hardcore, and jazzy influences, MMX showcases a wider range of ferocious influences than seen in the band’s previous efforts. MMX is the band’s most extreme release to date, and it is safe to say War From A Harlots Mouth is once again defining new standards for the extreme underground.

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