Abandon All Ships Makes Me Want To Punch Myself In The Balls :)

Did you ever watch I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell? There's a scene where the main character, Max is in a hotel where they're staying for his best friend's bachelor party.

After a long night of partying he needs to take a shit, but finds out that the chick he was with that night clogged the toilet, so he runs out (in his underwear) looking for another restroom, until he's in the lobby where he asks a cleaning lady that only speaks Spanish to point him to the nearest toilet, which he struggles to reach as every step closer, he poops his shorts more, until bam! he hits the relaxation station right before he browned the entire lobby. (Watch the scene here in camera quality -only quality available on youtube-)

That's exactly how I feel when I listen to Abandon All Ships, it feels like I'm about to take a massive shit but can't find a toilet.

I don't understand why these guys keep releasing the same generic song over and over again. Their music consists of generic riffs, some of the shitiest autotuned choruses, anus growling, sprinkled with some generic keyboards, samples, and crabbing! I've seen two videos for this band and there is not a single valid difference between the two songs, I'm honestly not sure if I heard a 3rd, because with all honesty there is nothing memorable about these guys.

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