Baptized In SHRED!!

I've been listening to Baptized In Blood all day, air guitaring all over the place. One of RoadRunner's most recent signees, Baptized In Blood the Canadian punk/thrash metal hybrid, are about to release their debut self titled album on October 19th, available in stores in Canada, and digitally for the rest of the world.

The band is co-managed by Dave Mustaine, along with Mark Adelman who also manages the likes of Anthrax and Megadeth. Apparently the collaboration between Dave and Baptized in Blood came to fruition, when Megadeth's Canadian Carnage Tour rolled into the band's hometown of London, Ontario (Canada) 2 months ago.

Front man Johl Fendley tells Noisecreep:

"Our label rep [Rose Slanic] wanted to introduce us and brought us on Megadeth's bus. There was nothing more to it than that," Fenley tells Noisecreep. "She introduced us, chatted for a while and then took off; and that was it. I said [to him] in passing, 'Maybe one of these days we'll cross paths again and maybe we'll do some shows,' [as a] tossing it out there type thing. And Dave turned to me and said, 'It's a small world. You never know."

After the meeting went over, Slanic gave Dave a copy of the band's self titled debut. A week later, Fendley received an e-mail from his lawyer saying Dave Mustaine and Mark Adelman wanted to talk management. (You can read the entire article over on

Produced by hardcore veteran producer and engineer Zeuss (Hatebreed, Chimaira, Shadows Fall) at Planet Z Studio. Baptized In Blood's self titled debut is a 12 song thrashing punk jolt to the brain.

While RoadRunner are defiantly shifting towards a more radio friendly musical roster, it's fucking awesome to see them manage to sign a band that is capable of being a chaotic thrash powerhouse, with strong punk influences, topped with some big glam inspired choruses, and a straight up "fuck you" Rock N' Roll attitude to wrap it up.

Baptized In Blood will be shredding souls, melting faces, and crushing skulls through their debut self titled album, out October 18th on RoadRunner Records.

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