Voice of The Soul - Eyes of Deceit EP [Review]

Band: Voice of The Soul

Album: Eyes of Deceit [EP]

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Released: July 19th, 2010

Label: Self Released

Reviewer: iRoar

Originally founded in the state of Kuwait. Melodic death metal up and comers, Voice of The Soul are quickly gaining more and more credibility for their powerful execution of vintage Gothenburg metal, reminiscent of the pioneers of the genre, with a modern doom metal vibe that's carried out with atmospheric arrangements, influenced by the likes of Finnish heavyweights Swallow The Sun and Katatonia.

Eyes of Deceit, the band's latest EP, that's available for streaming and free download on the band's official Myspace, and YouTube; includes 4 neck breaking, foot stomping, face punching, and fist clenching songs, produced once again at Kuwait's favorite heavy metal recording destination. "Sarj's Studio," with Nocturna frontman Sarj Masood.

The band's founder, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, Kareem Cheyaheb (Who is currently studying in Boston, MA) along with co-founder/songwriter and bassist Monish Shringi (currently studying in India) are joined by members from fellow Kuwaiti band Blackwell: Adam Benobaid and Ahmed Al-Zubaidi as session members for the recordings of Eyes of Deceit.

Eyes of Deceit starts off with the chaotic driven track "Under A Blood Red Sky." A song that focuses on man's self corruption and coping with everything until one's demise. A powerful start to the EP with amazingly fast guitar work, and riffs coming at you from everywhere.

The lyrics on Eyes of Deceit are very attaching, and rich in meaning, adding the needed layer to keep the listener coming back for more.

Farewell To Hope, which I personally really enjoy for the closing riff that reminds me of the glory days of Dark Tranquillity, and Insomnium; the song weighs in strongly with it's lyrics, that gives a dark and vivid picture of the meaning behind it:

"Held down by chains of greed we fall
Tormented, abused, is this a life that we'd choose?
Blinded by fear and hate we mourn
A creed filled with spite and scorn"

"The Curse" sets a melancholic vibe, that gives way to the most demonic bridge on Eyes of Deceit, and one of the most impressive guitar solos on the EP.

The EP doesn't slow down one bit by the end. In fact "The Light That Never Shone" would certainly be one of the EP's high points. Marking over 12 minutes. The song features Sarj's deeply emotional clean singing, that gives way to the brutal guttural growls of Kareem and Blackwell's Adam Benobeid.

In conclusion:

Eyes of Deceit is a solid follow up to Voice of The Soul's debut release "Winds of Apprehension" with top notch production quality. The band has managed to broaden their horizons and open new gates of experimentation. All 4 songs included on the release, are heavy, brutal, melodic and memorable in their own respective way, and will only leave you wanting more from Kuwait's premier Melodic death metal band. The band recently announced the addition of drummer Rana Rassouli (A Shot of Adrenaline) to their ranks as the band's permanent drummer, and are currently working on their debut full length album, so make sure to keep an eye on Voice of The Soul by visiting their official pages on, Facebook, Myspace, and YouTube.

Eyes of Deceit deserves a solid 8/10.


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