Voice of The Soul Featured On NO CLEAN SINGING.Com

Kuwait/Boston melodic death metal band Voice of The Soul are featured on the terrific Seattle based metal blog NoCleanSinging.com.

Voice of The Soul are featured on No Clean Singing's series of posts under the label "MISCELLANY" in which, editors post about the latest bands they've been listening to.

Here's an excerpt from the post:
"Back in July, Voice of the Soul released a new, four-song EP (their second) called Eyes of Deceit, and recently they made the EP available for free download. So, I decided the time was right to check out some VOTS music.

The song I picked is called “Farewell To Hope”. It’s got a 2-minute long instrumental intro that includes a really nice melodic guitar lead that gives way to a charging thrash riff. I thought the rest of the song was strong, too: Rhythmically dynamic melodic death metal..." Click Here to read the entire post over on NoCleanSinging.com

No Clean Singing also did an excellent feature on Scarab's latest studio album "Blinding The Masses," as part of their series "Metal From North Africa" which you can read here.

Make sure to visit No Clean Singing.com for a lot of great articles on the extreme side of metal from around the world.

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