WINTERUS Inks Deal With Lifeforce Records - Band Set To Enter The Studio December 1st To Record Debut Album

[Press Release]
Winterus is set to enter the studio on December 1, 2010 to begin work on their debut full-length album entitled, In Carbon Mysticism.

Lifeforce Records are very proud to announce the signing of Battle Creek, MI black metal outfit WINTERUS to the Lifeforce Records roster!

WINTERUS is a N. American black metal band hailing from Michigan, USA. The band was originally formed in December, 2009 under the name ‘The Ancient’ and quickly recorded and released a 5-song EP entitled A Frozen Path nationally to critical acclaim in May, 2010. Soon after, the EP caught the attention of Lifeforce Records and Winterus was signed to a multi-album deal.


The band cites Immortal, Enslaved, Wolves in the Throne Room, and In Flames as key influences to creating their chilling atmospheric sound and ominously heavy tone. Blue lights and mystic fog line the stage as the band performs their intense brand of metal at near trance-like precision. Radiating maturity, Winterus covers themes of brutal honesty, isolation, philosophy, and real human emotion. Experimentation and melody are also highly encouraged as Winterus creates genre-defying psychedelic landscapes and pummeling metal textures.

Winterus is set to enter the studio on December 1, 2010 to begin work on their debut full-length album entitled, In Carbon Mysticism. Lead singer, Christopher Erich Neu, will handle the production and engineering in his studio in Michigan, USA, while mastering will be handled by Ken Sorceron (of Abigail Williams & Aborted).. Following the production of the record, the band is looking to a spring release with subsequent touring within the US. Also, after having now partnered with Marco and Avocado Booking, a European tour is now planned for sometime in 2011.

“We are extremely proud to announce that WINTERUS has officially joined the LIFEFORCE RECORDS family! Stefan and his crew strongly believe in the music we are creating and they understand the raw and organic nature of the band. We have already begun pre-production on our forthcoming debut full-length record, IN CARBON MYSTICISM, and we are set to enter the studio on December 1st, 2010.” Lead singer, Christopher Erich Neu comments.

“On this album we are looking to push the boundaries of black metal further than they have ever been before by creating intense sonic landscapes alongside classic black metal and death metal influences. We hope that our honesty and passion is well-received. I think Christopher (lead singer) will do an amazing job tracking and producing the record and we are also extremely pleased to be working with Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams, Aborted) as he will handle the mixing and mastering duties.” Bassist, Matthew Dilliner states.

“Following the release of our album, Winterus hopes to tour extensively. We have partnered with Marco and Avocado Booking for European territories and hope to be overseas as soon as we possibly can. North American touring will also begin as soon as we find the right agent. We would like to thank Stefan & Lifeforce Records, Ken Sorceron, Marco & Avocado Booking, all of the companies that we have been working with for endorsements. Thank you, friends and fans, it has been completely overwhelming! We can’t wait to see you all on the road soon.” Christopher concludes.

  • Christopher Erich Neu – Lead Vocals
  • Matthew Dilliner – Bass, Vocals
  • Nathan Barnes – Guitar, Vocals
  • Dominic Simmons – Guitar
  • Cody McCoy – Drums

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