Bands From Around The Interwebs: The Jasser Arafats! From Finland (Hence The J)

Myspace is dead. Seriously, the website is dead and gone. What ever is left on over there is spam, and it's not even cleverly placed spam. It's just spam everywhere. Whenever I decide to check the blog's Mypsace, I am always greeted with a flood of automated updates from EVERYTHING (Events, Apps, Messages, Friend Requests, Nigerian Princesses, etc.) It somehow feels like Myspace is gangbanging its users.

But the only thing that still gives Myspace that 1% returning visitors rate (I'm just assuming that's probably the number it's at) is the Music section; that they managed to even fuck up with the countless number of modifications and useless theme customizations that all look quite the same in the end, and ultimately only causes the flash plugin to crash or stop responding, due to the amount of scripts conflicting with one another. It's seriously becoming a hectic job just putting up with that site nowadays.

Anyway, back to my main point. As I was checking the blog's Myspace, I found a message about a promotional CD that included material by many unsigned acts. The one that caught my attention was Finland's The Jasser Arafats.

The Jasser Arafats play vintage Death/Thrash metal, and recently released their debut album, titled "Condemnation." While they are not much of innovators. They can be a pretty badass conversation starter. Plus I really love that they spelled their name with a J to give it that Finnish needed edge.

Also another interesting fact to note is that, among the many bands they've played along with, fellow countrymen Kalmah are listed.

You can listen to the band's entire release "Condemnation" using the player below:

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