ENGEL's New Video For "SIX FEET DEEP" Gets My Vote For Best Gothenburg Metal Song Of The Year

Swedish melodic death metal heavyweights, ENGEL's latest studio album "Threnody" has been available in Japan since last April. Sadly the band split with their previous label SPV Records right before the album's release. Which caused a major set back for the album's release in Europe and the U.S.

I've heard the album in it's entirety a number of times, and it's a hell of a fun modern euro metal release. But I guess the band released a new track along with the soon to be released European (November 8th) and US (January 11th) version of the album. The song is titled "Six Feet Deep," and was just released as the band's latest video.

The song executes vintage blazing fast Gothenburg styled dual guitars, with crushing vocals, and keyboards that give the song the insane edge it needs to be the chaotic beast that it is. If you enjoy old school Soilwork and early to mid career In Flames, this song will certainly give the beast inside of you a hell of a spin.

's latest studio album "Threnody" will be released in Europe (November 8th) and the U.S. (January 11th) via Season of Mist.

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