OCEANO Honored By Fans Who Ask Them To Sign Their Body

The average person doesn't know what it's like to put their signature on someone else's body, but for the majority of touring acts, it's a nightly occurrence. After an encounter with a fan in a tattoo shop who asked for OCEANO vocalist Adam Warren's signature to be signed and then tattooed onto his arm, the formidable frontman began looking upon the act of signing their fans as a high honor.

"It's always an odd occurrence having someone ask you to sign a limb or other random part of their body, but after being exposed to it for a bit, I've taken it as an amazing gesture" says Adam. "To me, it says "Hey! I love your band so much that I'm down with having your shitty scribble on my body."

See OCEANO on their upcoming Contagion Across The Nation tour and get your flesh signed by the Chicago deathcore heavyweights themselves:

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