An Open Letter To Zakk Wylde About The New Video For "Overlord"

"You loosin yo dam mind, foo!" (End of open letter).

Black Label Society, released a new video for the song "Overlord" taken from their latest studio album "Order of The Black." Out now via E1 Music, Riot Entertainment, and RoadRunner Records.

The video has Zakk Wylde in a Bruce Lee gimmick, going around kicking some ass and taking names. After Zakk whoops everyone's ass. He ends up choking on some chicken. It's a pretty funny video, and very colorful. Basically it's a great video for the not so sober. (It preimered on Vevo so if you don't live in the U.S. or don't know your way around that; you will have to wait till we get the international version of the video for playing on the site. If you can't stream the video, you can watch this clip instead.)

[Ed note: We updated the embedded video player below, with a "region free" version of the clip. Enjoy.]

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