About Judas Priest Retiring

Last week. Judas Priest announced that their upcoming 2011 tour, will be the band's farewell.

Personally, it wasn't a major shock, not that they're aging (though still a factor) but the band's recent albums have been mediocre to say the least.

This shouldn't come as a major surprise to most people (unless you're a Judas Preist groupie, that thought Halford was immortal. He is NOT! the leather pants have nothing to do with immortality!).

Now comes the disappointing part of the announcement. Rob Halford posted a statement concerning the band's retirement, (confirming my worst nightmare) where he mentions his side project:

"Well, they do say that all good things come to an end and that's probably the case in this case. But I'm delighted that, of course, the Halford [solo project] band is gonna be storming forward in the metal future, and that's gotta be good news."

My first reaction to that statement was something along these lines:

Why can't you just have a sex scandal, Rob?! Why!?

This leads me to the only solution, to avoid listening to more Halford:



  1. i still can't get over listening to hard as iron, its one of my favorite priest song, and i couldn't agree with you more, the two things that made priest what it is today is the music and rob halford, they even sounded good musically of course when he left, and then came angel of retribution with his return and priest was back once again. this is just bad, i feel sorry for your head.

  2. hahaha! I feel sorry for everyone's head, once halford releases more solo material, it's all downhill from there. I wish he'd get into a feud with Ozzy, that would be epic as f! Just the idea of a completely drugged up ozzy in a face off with a sober and fit halford cracks me up :P

    Been spinning hellbent and painkiller the past couple of days in memory of the good priest...

  3. Rob Halford solo should be a nightmare..kinda like Ozzy's "Scream" ...