Andreas Kisser Completely Shuts Down Any Hope For A Reunion With The Cavalera Brothers

Max Cavalera has been all over the media lately, talking about a possible reunion with the original Sepultura line-up, stating that he even spoke to former bandmate Andreas Kisser over the phone about the idea, which he was apparently on board with. And then in a recent interview with Sonic Excess, Max went on the record; stating that:
"the only person preventing it (A Sepultura reunion) is [Bassist] Paulo Jr."

The current line-up of Sepultura decided to put together a video before their headlining performance at the 16-year anniversary of the Manifesto Bar in São Paulo, Brazil. Where the band performed their classic 1991 album "Arise" in it's entirety. Clearing up all the rumors and putting any possibility of a reunion to sleep.

Andreas Kisser did all the talking, which seemed a little harsh, but he did send the message across, that the rest of the original Sepultura line-up (which is basically Andreas and Paolo Jr.) are happy with their recent deal with Nuclear Blast, and are currently working on a new record.

Andreas and Paulo recently attended a Cavalera Conspiracy show in Brazil, which was Max's first show in his homeland since 2002.

[Source: Blabbermouth]

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