BareBones Music Interviews Sick Puppies

[PRESS RELEASE] recently sat down with the members of SICK PUPPIES prior to a show. Evil G. spoke with Shim (vocals/guitar), Emma (bass) and Mark (drums) about the bands latest album Tri-Polar and while the record has been out since 2009 the band still has a full touring schedule through the first half of 2011. The band spoke about their music, their latest single from Tri-Polar, their music videos and how deep their evolvement is in the concept process of each one. The band also talks about being part of an anti-cyber bullying campaign, the release of a new single, "Riptide", some more live recordings and acoustic performances. The band also answers the question of what the strangest question they have ever been asked. PLUS live performance footage. [Video available after the jump]

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