Earache Records is proud to announce the signing of Scottish death metal band CEREBRAL BORE to a worldwide recording deal.

CEREBRAL BORE are a young, talented group which formed in 2006 in Glasgow, Scotland and have built up a formidable reputation for their extreme brand of death metal.

The band is comprised of frontwoman SIMONE "SOM" PLUIJMERS, a 19-year old from the Netherlands with an inexplicable talent for brutal death metal vocals, along with guitarist PAUL MCGUIRE, bassist KYLE RUTHERFORD and drummer ALLAN MCDIBET.

CEREBRAL BORE has issued the following statement concerning their deal with Earache Records:

"It's hard to describe how proud we are to sign with Earache Records. Being at the same starting blocks as bands like Carcass, Morbid Angel, Decapitated and Napalm Death, is something that we have always worked hard since the beginning to achieve, and finally being at this point with the band, to us is just phenomenal.

"Going from having just one EP to having our debut album on a major death metal label used to be something we dreamed about, and it's hard to believe that it's actually happening! So we can't wait to get out on tour in 2011 and promote our debut album under the Earache banner."

have toured relentlessly around the globe, with appearances at such popular death metal festivals as Neurotic Deathfest in the Netherlands, Obscene Extreme in the Czech Republic and the Central Illinois Metalfest in the USA, as well as performing in countries such as Israel, Russia and more. The band also recently played at Earache Records' 2010 Christmas Party in Nottingham, England.

CEREBRAL BORE's self-released 2010 debut album, MANIACAL MISCREATION, is due to be re-released by Earache in the new year before the band works on its follow-up.

CEREBRAL BORE's music video for the track "The Bald Cadaver", which has been featured on the UK's Scuzz TV, is available to watch online below:

For more CEREBRAL BORE news and info, head to myspace.com/cerebralbore2

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