Dream Theater Basically Told Mike Portnoy To "Talk To The Hand"

Apparently, Mike Portnoy reached out to his former band mates in Dream Theater for a possible reformation of the original line-up. Unfortunately for die-hard DT fans; the band, or to be more specific, their lawyer declined Mike's offer.

It's really disappointing to see things reach a formal reply from the band's lawyer. Although, in their defense; it was too soon for Portnoy to attempt to settle things after the media sword fight the 2 sides waged upon one another, most recently.

Portnoy does mention in his message that:

"I figured it was still possible to try and save us because they hadn't made any announcements yet or begun any public activity with another drummer..."

Which is basically like looking down a gun's barrel, wondering if it's loaded.

Portnoy gets some props though, for the fact that he posted the statement on his own message board, to reply to his own fans; knowing full well that Blabbermouth will eventually troll it up for heavy metal bloggers, like this one, to leave their smart ass remarks on the whole situation.

One way or another, Portnoy will find his place. If Dream Theater are still too sour about the whole thing, and want some time to "cool off;" maybe Mike could take it as an opportunity to slay it up with some new Djenting blood. It didn't take Portnoy a whole week to track the drums for Avenged Sevenfold's "Nightmare."

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Seems like one person got the short end of the stick out of the whole Avenged Sevenfold/Dream Theater drama. And sadly it's the one that pounds a drum kit better than Courtney Love snorts a line.

Here's a song ironically fitting the situation; from Dream Theater's 2009 release "Black Clouds and Silver Linings."

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